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Red Velvet Donut Glaze(bottom)


Butter,Milk, Cocoa Powdered mixed Cake Battered buttermilk donut with glazed bottom.
Topped whit sugar Rose

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Valentine’s day Donut Chocolate Icing


Heart shaped donuts with chocolate icing and heart or gold sprinkle topped candy Rose.

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Valentine’s day Donut Heart Croissant Nutella Raspberry


Heart-shaped Pastry with flaky texture outside & buttery texture inside.
Topped with Nutella & Fresh Raspberry.

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Valentine’s day Donuts set LOVE


Red Velvet valentine donuts, Cream cheese strawberry donuts, Cream cheese Mix berry donuts, Ferrero Rocher chocolate donuts, Heart shape special sprinkle topping donuts, Glaze donuts, Chocolate donuts, Rose champagne donuts.

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