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Halloween Donut – Character Ring


Halloween character donuts, Halloween Children’s gifts, Halloween Family party, gift donuts.

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Halloween Donut – Mummy Donut


Halloween Mummy donuts, Mummy Donuts, Halloween party, Halloween party desserts

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Halloween Donut – Reeses Skeleton


Halloween Buried Donuts, Halloween Skeleton Donuts, Reeses donuts, Halloween gifts, Halloween party, Halloween party donuts, Dessert donuts.

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Halloween Donuts – Green Tea Witch Hat donuts


Halloween Witch Donuts. The iced green tea.

Witch is chocolate cookie and chocolate.

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Purple yam Cream Donuts


Donut filled with purple yam whipped cream and purple yam jam. Both creamy and flavorful donut. Inspired by popular Filipino desserts. Hearty and sweet for fall season.

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